Terri’s Race Recap for September 21 2019

Terri’s Race Recap for September 21 2019

Our Night of the Thousands was a huge success!! Thanks from All Tech Raceway, we would like to thank all of our fans, drivers, crew members along with their families. We simply could not do this without you!

To start our feature events off, we would see the Pure Stock division take to the track first. We have a Stout Field of Veterans versus Young Guns to take the Green! Driver’s went 4 wide coming off of turn two, they were battling hard for that top spot, but Curt Spencer (12) would lead the field to the completion of the first lap. After a few laps in Kevin Durden (33), Shane Taylor (82) and Curt Spencer (12) start pulling away from the field. At the halfway point the battle Heating up would be for third place between Ron Adams (118), Curt Spencer (12), Kent Corbin (98) and Mike Stalnaker (10). Hard Charging Shane Taylor (82) is working the bottom side and making it work down there, as he is working on Kevin Durden (33). But Kevin Durden (33) doesn’t let him get by,Durden keeps to the outside lane as he takes them to the Checkered Flag. Top five are Kevin Durden (33), Shane Taylor (82), Mike Stalnaker (10), Ron Adams (118) and Robbie Hager (35).

Second feature of the night would be our Street Stock division. As they take the green we have a four car pile up coming out of turn four. On the restart we would see Donnie Ashford (66) leading them to the completion of the first lap. Hard racing going on all throughout the field as we come to the halfway point. Donnie Ashford (66) still in control. Mike Stalnaker (8) brings out a caution at mid point. After we go Green once again, after a late race battle coming from David Showers, Sr (14), it is all Donnie Ashford (66). Top five are Donnie Ashford (66), David Showers, Sr (14), Tuck Trentham (54), Bubba Christian (04) and Justin Hall (m7).

Third Feature of the night would be the Florida Late Model division. As we take the Green Flag it would be Richard Ferry (17) leading them to the completion of the first lap. Tyler Clem (58) powers his way to the bottom and is picking up positions. Clem (58) has his focus on the top spot still being held by Richard Ferry (17), Clem (58) isn’t successful as Ferry (17) leads from Green Flag to the Checkered Flag. Top five are Richard Ferry (17), Tyler Clem (58), David Markham (18m), Peyton Nesmith (17n) and David Showers, Jr (18s).

Final Feature of the night would be our Reeds C-Class Late Model division. After we go Green Riley Cason (28c) would lead them back to the Flagstand for the competition of the first lap. Devin Walker (55) and Brandon Elwood (28e) are powering their way through the field after the redraw. As we hit lap number six we have four cars fighting for that top spot, Riley Cason (28c), Devin Walker (55), Kevin Bennett (17b) and Brandon Elwood (28e). Bad luck would strike for Cason (28c) as he drops out. After our halfway point it would be a long hard battle, lap after lap between Walker (55) and Elwood (28e). With one to go young gun Trey Mills (14) would bring out a late caution. Flag man would wave Green and White together making it a one lap battle. Elwood (28e) to the lead and never looked back. Top five are Brandon Elwood (28e), Devin Walker (55), Kevin Bennett (17b), Sean Babcock (02) and Shane Taylor (82).

(Finishes are as they come under the flag, official finish is after tech!)

Please join us for our next race on Saturday October 12th, 2019. Southern Clash Late Late Model’s will battle for $3000 to win, plus Reeds C-Class Late Model’s, Street Stocks and Pure Stocks. Gates open at 3:00 p.m, Racing at 8:00 p.m.

Thanks to all of our Sponsors of All Tech Raceway we could not do it without each and every one of you!!

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