Bronson Wins The 2nd Annual Showdown on the Suwannee

Bronson Wins The 2nd Annual Showdown on the Suwannee

Thanks from All Tech Raceway, we would like to thank all of our fans, drivers, crew members along with their families. We simply could not do this without you!

To start off our amazing weekend off we had 86 cars just for practice on Thursday night. Wendell decided to throw a race together for any Late Model’s wanting to race for a dash for cash out there. He had I think 12 cars decide to take the Challenge. The “Killer” Kyle Bronson would take the win on that one, but not easy, as he had some great battles. Like Kyle said in an interview,” where do you go and get paid to practice??”

Friday as the sunset we would have over 130 cars signed in to do battle. 34 Southern Clash Late Models, 18 C-Class Late Models, 34 Street Stocks, 16 A-Mods and 29 Pure Stocks. They all raced hard to clinch their spot in all the different divisions.

On Saturday as we had an 80% chance of rain, the fans and driver’s came out in droves. They packed the pits and the stands. Thank you everyone for sticking the weekend out with us!

We would have the B-Mains up first, but I was still selling tickets and did not get up to report those.

First feature of the night to hit the track would be the A-Mod Division. Green flag out, Johnny Collins (5) would lead them around for the completion of lap one. But Jeff Matthews (33) isn’t wasting time making his way to the front as he takes the lead from Collins (5) on lap number two. Battling two and three wide all throughout the field. But lap number seven Matthews (33) starts stretching out his lead by about 6 car lengths over second place held by Shane Burrows (70b). Battle now heads up for third place between Collins (5) and Garret Stewart (67). A quick caution at about the halfway point would bunch them all back together. Would this come into play?? But Matthews (33) would dominate back to the Flagstand after the restart by about five car lengths lead. With Matthews (33) reaching lap traffic with three to go. With only two to go, bad luck would strike for Stewart (67) as he spins coming out of turn four. They would restart and Matthews (33) would never look back! As they come to the Checkered it is Jeff Matthews (33), Shane Burrows (70b), Johnny Collins (5), Dale Kelly (22) and Clay Harris (21j) rounding out your top five!

Second Feature up would be our Pure Stock Division. With a very Stout 24 car field of the top drivers in the South East. Green flag would wave, we would have Cory Howard (4) leading them back for the completion of lap one. We are three wide for second between Kevin Durden (33), Brandon Elwood (28) and Bubba Durbin (12b). With Durden (33) not wasting any time he takes the lead on lap number three. By lap number thirteen Durden (33) has stretched out his lead by about a straightaway. He would hit lap traffic around lap number twenty. A late race caution would come out and bunch them all up on more time. Jason Gamble (21) would take that to his advantage. As they would take the green he would battle hard for a few laps with Durden (33). But Durden (33) never let him get by him. As they come to the checkered we would have Kevin Durden (33), Jason Gamble (21), Mike Tovett (1shot), Bud Chancey (181) and Joey Haslauer (57p) rounding out your top five.

A quick candy toss to the children brought to you by different drivers. Then the tossing of each Late Model Driver’s signed tennis balls to the children. In a chance if the driver’s ball they caught would finish in the top 3 each child would receive $25 each.

Third feature of the night would be our Southern Clash Late Models would hit the track. With 24 of the top driver’s in the south doing battle for the $10,000 prize money! Green Flag is out, Donnie Chappell (25) would lead them to the completion of lap one. As we come to lap number five, Mark Whitener (5) is trying Chapell (25) for that top spot. Making the move complete on lap number six. As we hit lap number ten your top five are Whitener (5), Chappell (25), Kyle Bronson (40b), Devin Dixon (313) and Rhett Carter (44). Whitener (5) hits lap traffic on lap number fifteen. Bronson (40b) now catching Whitener (5). Bronson (40b) makes his move on lap number twenty two. As we come to lap number thirty four Whitener (5) trying everything he has to make a move on Bronson (40b) as they have now lapped up to 15 place now. We stop for a fuel break at the half way point. No caution up to that point! Micheal Page (18x) would make his move on Whitener (5) on the restart as we take the green. Carter (44) is now up to third place. Page (18x) trying to run down Bronson (40b) as we come to lap number 50. As bad luck would strike for Nevin Gainey (17) as he spins coming outta turn two, right in front of the leaders. Great driving by our leaders for missing him. Your top ten as they bunch back up for the restart would be Bronson (40b), Page (18x), Whitener (5), Carter (44), Chappell (25), John Baker (14b), Bo Allen (71), Jimmy Sharpe, Jr (26jr), Tanner English (58) and Chad Tuten (51). As we go back green Page (18x) trying to take advantage of the restart he tries hard to get Bonson (40b) but loses ground. Late race caution as Baker (14) slows on the front stretch. Green flag out for the final time, Bronson (40b) would never look back. As they come to the checkered flag it would be Kyle Bronson (40b), Mark Whitener (5), Michael Page (18x), Bo Allen (71), and Chad Tuten (51) rounding out your top five.

Fourth feature of the night would be the Street Stock Division. David Showers, Sr (18) has been looking for this day to come all year, as he called out Mark Whitener (514) a few months back. They would take the green side by side. Whitener (514) would lead them back to the completion of lap one. Battles all throughout the field, some of them pretty tough. Bad luck would strike for Kyle Livingood (7) as he spins coming off of turn two. After the restart we have a very bad wreck taking out a few cars and Jonathan Croson (194) as he flips over, red flag is out. We take the green flag again, we have Whitener (514) taking the lead once again. After another caution we are at our time limit and have to make it a green, white checkered finish. As they start Whitener (514) back to the lead as he never looks back. Coming to the checkered flag it would be Mark Whitener (514), Mike Stalnaker (8), Kevin Durden (56), Kyle Livingood (7) and Shawn Washam (12w) round out your top five.

Fifth and final Feature of the night would be the Reed’s Metals C-Class Late Model Division. Green flag is out side by side down the back stretch between Chris Lovett (38) and Nick Kirkus (20k). Lovett (38) clinches the top spot coming to the completion of lap one. By lap number four Lovett (38) has a six car length lead over the pack. After a few cautions our time limit is up, we have to throw the checkered as Dave Ponton (2) ends up on the inside guardrail. We have Chris Lovett (38) taking the checkered flag followed by Will Harrington (18), Tyler Mimbs (9), Nick Kirkus (20k) and Riley Cason rounding out your top five.

(Finishes are as they come under the flag, official finish is after tech!)

Please join us for our next race in February for our first Speedweeks. As we host the Big Block Modified’s February 5-8. Then we bring in the Big Gun’s as we host our first Lucas Oil Late Model event on February 9th. Going to be an epic start to our 2020 Year! You won’t want to miss this!!

Thanks to all of our Sponsors of All Tech Raceway we could not do it without each and every one of you!!

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A few photo’s from last night and well. Credits from Lovin’ Dirt Photography and Mike Horne Photography