HARRISON HUSTLES TO ALL-TECH USCS WIN at ALL-TECH RACEWAY une 14, 2024 - Ryan Harrison of Rothwell, NTH came across the pond from the United Kingdon to win the 25-lap United Sprint Car Series Presented By K&N Filters Feature Race on Friday night at All-Tech Raceway. Harrison came from the seventh starting spot to take the lead on lap 18 from Kyle Amerson of... READ MORE June 14, 2024 Race Results for 06/01/2024 Jet Concrete Works 604 Late Model A Feature 1 (8 Laps): 1. 9-Nick Johnson; 2. 71-Bo Allen; 3. 74-Jason Garver; 4. 6-Kyle Bridges; 5. 29S-Cameron Saunders; 6. 03-Morrie West; 7. 58-Trent McLeod; 8. 67-Garret Stewart; 9. 51-Larry Anderson; 10. (DNS) 22-Jonah Bozeman; 11. (DQ) 10-Ty Giles READ MORE June 1, 2024 Mark Whitener Wins 2024 Harvey Jones Memorial Harvey Jones Memorial (50 Laps): 1. 5W-Mark Whitener; 2. 22R-Will Roland; 3. 18-Matt Dooley; 4. 31-Tyler Millwood; 5. C02-Tyler Clem; 6. 515-Bubba Roling; 7. 23-Cory Hedgecock; 8. 74-Jason Garver; 9. 18B-Joshua Bishop; 10. 55-Ricky McClain; 11. 64-Braden Mitchell; 12. 22-Matt Henderson; 13. 22T-Jimmy Thomas; 14. 00-Wil Herrington; 15. 71-Bo Allen; READ MORE May 25, 2024 {{title}} {{excerpt}} READ MORE {{date}} Racing legend Harvey L. Jones remembered VALDOSTA (By Dean Poling Feb 6, 2009 Updated Sep 12, 2014) — In a 1996 Sports Illustrated article, Harvey L. Jones said he would quit racing cars when he no longer won races. He was 73 then. READ MORE May 10, 2024



saturday07september3:00 amSPECIAL EVENT9/11 Tribute Event / Harvest 50 5k - 50 Lap Pure Stock EventPure Stocks, 604 Dirt Late Models, 602 Late Models, Street Stocks and Crown Vics

saturday21september3:00 pmSaturday Night Special604 Late Models ,602 Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Crown Vics

saturday28september3:00 amSPECIAL EVENTAnnual Powell Family Memorial Tuneup604 Late Models (final points night) 602 Late Models (final points night ) Street Stocks Pure Stocks Crown Vics (final points night )


thursday17october3:00 amSPECIAL EVENTOpen PracticeOpen practice

friday18october3:00 amSPECIAL EVENT29th Running of the Powell Family MemorialHEATS AND QUALIFYING

saturday19october3:00 amSPECIAL EVENT29th Running of the Powell Family Memorial. 29K to Win Dirt Late Model EventStreet Stocks (Full Show), Late Model B-Mains, 28th Annual Powell Family Memorial $29,000 to Win, 67 Lap Main Event