Rules & Forms

Reed’s Metals C-Class Late Model Rules Addendum

(ix) Tires

  1. Hoosier, Spec 21, HTS 1350, NRM 70, D55, Crate 21
  2. No treating or chemically altering tires, tires (tires are subject to lab testing)
  3. Siping and Needling is allowed

Pure Stock 9/27/19


Shock Extensions Okay

Front Suspension

May run tubular upper a arms, must meet oem factory specifications/dimensions for year, make and model of car. Must bolt in factory location.

Cylinder Heads & Valvetrain:

EQ CH3501 Replacement head allowed for GM. 70 cc minimum for 4 eyebrow pistons, 72 cc minimum for 2 eyebrow pistons.