All-Tech Raceway Tire Rule

As of August 8 2020 (08/01/2020) will now implement a tire rule here at All-Tech Raceway. Any car or team that is caught with any tire prep whatsoever, whether it is on a tire or in your trailer or in your possession on All-Tech property the following sanctions will be enforced. This will be car and driver, even if the driver does not own the car. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Offender must pay $2000 fine, mandatory tire test for the following five (5) races placing in the top three at the driver/owner’s expense.

Offender must pay $4000 fine AND car (regardless of owner) and driver suspension from competition at All-Tech Raceway events for one year (365 days)


You prep, you bring prep onto All-Tech property even if it is for someone to run at another track that don’t care if you prep. If caught you will face sanctions. These tracks that allow prep or turn a blind eye to it don’t have any concern for the safety or health of their drivers, their teams, or anyone else that will breath these chemicals. They allow prep for no other reason than to boost car count. All prep needs to go away!! The top series in our country, (Lucas Oil Late Models, World of Outlaw Late Models) does not allow prep. Why should any of our local Saturday night tracks allow it? It is wasted money, time and effort for an illegal crutch. Not to mention the health concerns. Teams need to put the work into their set-ups and driving back in the hands of the drivers, so they can become better drivers and not to be taught to depend on this illegal crutch. Again, if you are caught you will face sanctions.

We have sponsors that have come on board to help pay for testing, and we will be testing at every event!!! The test will include top 3 finishers and random checks throughout the field of each feature event. If you finish 1st, 7th, 12th, last or anywhere in between and you are checked.

The majority of our teams are complaining about prep and having to compete against it. We at All-Tech are going to do our part to end all prep. All teams be aware there won’t be any further warnings or second chances. These are our standards and will be strictly enforced!*

In an effort to monitor tires, the top five finishers from heat races will cross the scales and tires will be marked. You will be required to start the feature race with the tires that you ran in your heat race. For any reason you feel you need to change any heat race tire you must first check with tech and a sample will be taken from that tire. Only acceptable reasons for changing tire will be if the tire is cut, flat, or damaged from an accident. Again, if any tire or any sample comes back as being prepped you will be facing sanctions.

We at All-Tech will be striving to set the standard for dirt track racing in the south. This will mean your safety as well as your health. If you want to race at the fasting growing track in dirt track racing, read our rules, get right and be ready for some of the best racing in the south.


All tire results will be posted on our website, at not on social media i.e. Facebook!  We will have a portal on our home page that you can register into with your personal password to see results. This portal will be THE TECH SHED. We are aware that some people don’t think that we are sending in tire samples because we don’t post them on Facebook. Be aware we do.  These samples are for the race track. However any team can protest any tires at anytime. Just like any other protest you must pay at time of protest. Just as we have stated in the past all results will be available at our drivers meetings. If we haven’t gotten them back from the lab before the drivers meeting, they will be posted on our website at the THE TECH SHED as soon as we receive them.

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We at All-tech raceway will be purchasing a cam doctor for more in-depth tech of the crate engines. If anyone is caught with a crate engine that has been tampered with and deemed illegal they will also face a 1 year ban.


  • No light sticks, no painted sticks or no other communication between crew member and driver allowed.
  • No crew members allowed on the track at any time. If any crew member comes on track that car will be Disqualified for that event
  • Drivers must stay in their cars at all times unless on fire, upside down or if instructed to exit car by track official. If you get out of your car you will be Disqualified for that event.
  • Drivers meeting mandatory! – Drivers must attend no representatives!
  • We will be doing random role calls. If drivers are not present at the drivers meeting they will start on the rear of their heat race. Or if qualifying you will only get one lap.

Updated: 02/25/2021