The 26th Annual Powell Family Memorial

The 26th Annual Powell Family Memorial

We at All Tech Raceway can’t thank each and everyone of you enough! On Wednesday cars started rolling in, setting up camp for the weekend. We would have practice on Thursday with 66 CRUSA Late Models and 10 to 15 Street and Pure Stocks combined.

Friday night would consist of over 70 of the best CRUSA Late Models qualifying and heat races. Trying to make the 28 car starting field.

Plus in addition to the Powell this year we would honor Mr Tracy Tripp with our Street Stock division. Mr Tripp was a local flag man at a few different tracks over the years and close friend of the Powell family.

The first feature to the week would be the Street Stocks in loving memory of Mr Tracy Tripp. 24 of the top named Street Stocks would be in attendance. Green Flag waves we see Cameron Metts (37) lead us to the flagstand. But following closely is Jeff Stalnaker, Jr (9) as we will see him take the lead. They are in close battle all throughout the field, door to door racing action. We are now back in a heavy battle between Metts (37) and Stalnaker, Jr (9). They are now two wide for the first three positions! A caution would bunch them back up. We are now running three wide all throughout the field. Now we are keeping our eye on Joe Belky (119) as he is picking them off quickly. He would take the lead from Metts just before halfway. Belky (119) would make it look like a Sunday drive for the rest of the race. He would lead the field to the Checkered Flag followed by Cameron Metts (37), Kyle Livingood (81), Bubba Christian (04) and Patrick Mennenga (16).

On Saturday we would have 32 of the best in the south Pure Stocks. We normally would only run 24, but Mr Wendell and Mrs Patty Durrace would make the formal decision and said “It’s the Powell, let’s run them all”! Green Flag would wave, Kevin Durden (33) would bring the field back to the flag stand. Jason Garver (01) was not letting him get far. We are three wide in some areas now. Heavy racing from the 4th through the 6th spots. Now Joe Belky (119)has made his way to Garver (01), and they are literally pushing Durden (33) down the front stretch. As we come into turn three and four we would see Garver (01) make a run off of four and take the lead from Durden (33). We would now see Mike Tovet (1shot) reach the leaders. But Garver (01) would not let them take that top spot from him as he brought the field to the checkered flag followed by Kevin Durden (33), Mike Tovet (1shot), Joe Belky (119) and Shane Taylor (82) round out the top five.

As we bring the top 29 CRUSA Late Models to the track for introductions, we would have the children line up for candy. This is what racing is about everyone, the younger generations!

All the drivers get suited up to take battle for the $26,000 payday. We would see the green flag wave with the ground pounding! They are three and four wide with Cameron Weaver (16) leading back to the flag stand. Coming out of turn two Jimmy Owens (20) would take that lead. Coming on strong we would see Will Herrington (14) making his way to the front. We are two and three wide, door to door throughout this field. Now we are watching Mark Whitener (39) clicking them off one by one. Something would end his night after coming in a couple times. We see the field stretching back out once again and the track is getting faster. As they come to the checkered flag we would see Jimmy Owens (20) followed by Carson Feeguson (00f), Kyle Bronson (40b), Jason Welshman (01) and Shan Smith (32) rounding out your top five.

Features are as they cross the finish line, not after the tech shed or tire samples.

Thanks to all of our Sponsors of All Tech Raceway we simply could not do it without each and everyone one of you.

  • Reed’s Metal Roofing
  • Bubba’s Site Prep
  • Norton Home Improvement
  • Waste Pro
  • Sapp Salvage
  • Waltrip Salvage and Scrap Yard
  • Ocala Restaurant Supply
  • Nevin Gainey Racecars
  • Schrader’s Smoker Services
  • O’Neal Companies
  • Woodmen Life
  • Wendy’s of Ellisville
  • Father and Son’s Fencing
  • Clay County Gutters
  • Blue Gator Tiki Bar and Grill

Report by:

Terri Phillips Thornton (Terri Race Reports)

Lovin’ Dirt Photography

Terri Race Reports