Some words from Hazel Jones

Some words from Hazel Jones

After a 2-day event at All-Tech Raceway in Ellisville (Columbia County), Florida, to honor my late husband, Harvey Jones, I am going to attempt to thank everybody involved. I know I will miss some, but know this, I really and truly, appreciate everything from everybody. It was an amazing weekend.

First, I want to thank Wendell and Patty Durrance for all their hard work – not just for this race, but for all the weekends (and the endless days during the week) and least we forget ALL the other staff who work behind the scenes. There is one particular standout – Joe Kelly – who can be seen bouncing around all over with his trusty mic in hand. Joe, you are one of a kind and are truly appreciated and loved by everyone!

Thanks to Crate Racin’ USA ,the many other sponsors, all the drivers, owners, crews and families for putting on a fantastic show. Some of you have raced with Harvey and there are some that never reached the age to race with him. You would have known a man who put his ALL into racing. Good Luck to ALL of you.

And now to the spectators/fans – my thanks to you for having supported racing for so many years. Some of you have been attending the races at a very YOUNG age – 5 weeks to 6 months to now. May you continue attending and enjoying the races for MANY years to come.
Special thanks to Alan Moody for all his involvement in this event. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Also, a special thanks going out to Charles and Richard Poindexter for all your hard work in getting Harvey’s last LATE MODEL ready to make an appearance here. Now, Richard, just get your new #14 ready to race.

Congratulations to Patrick Williams for winning the Pure Stock Feature; Lonnie Roberts for winning the Southern Modified Feature; and Mark Whitener for winning the E-Mod Feature.

Congratulations to Joseph Joiner for putting on such an amazing show, and your kindness to me and my family. You are fantastic! Keep on winning and take care of your lovely wife and beautiful 5-week old daughter!

I know I have forgotten some, but know that all of you are appreciated. The show could not go on without you.
BIG THANKS to Wendell and Patty for providing a Top Notch facility for all of us to “Scratch that Itch!”

Hazel Jones
Leslie Jones
David Jones
Janie Miller
Katie Jones
Miss Georgia Grace Jones