All-Tech Raceway C-Class / 602 Late Model Rules


  1. Raceceivers must always be used on track.
  2. Transponders must be mounted on RR Axle tube.
  3. Drivers must remain in car at all times when on track, unless instructed by track personnel or on fire-Automatic disqualification if violated.


  1. 2400lbs.
  2. 1lb per lap burn-off-Feature only
  3. 25lb weight break for 5lb Automatic Fire Suppression System
  4. 50lb weight penalty for Belt driven fuel pump.

Engine: GM 602 Crate / Built Motor

  1. These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pain with special twist off bolt heads. Crate engines must not be altered, modified, or changed from factory specs.
  2. The penalty for anyone tampering with, or modifying any internal engine parts, changing the parts from stock as delivered sealed from the factory will be subject to expulsion from any racing event for the remainder of the season. This can also be reason for a fine or suspension from the track.
  3. No changes are allowed to the engine, intake manifold, heads, valve covers, front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer or any other part/or parts on/in engine. D. No vacuum pumps.
  4. All crate engines must remain stock as they came sealed from the factory. Crate engines must not be altered, modified or changed from the factory specs. Must meet GM/Crate USA engine specs Built Engine:


  1. Any American V-8 cast iron factory production block as supplied by manufacturer.
  2. May use 1 or 2-piece rear main seal block
  3. NO aftermarket blocks of any kind.
  4. NO 400 blocks.
  5. NO stroking or de-stroking.
  6. Block may be zero decked; piston can NOT protrude above deck surface.
  7. Block may be 2 or 4 bolt
  8. NO splayed main caps.
  9. Block may be bored 0.60
  10. 602 crate motors sealed from GM
  11. No painting


  1. Factory OEM stock steel or cast
  2. May use aftermarket steel or cast.
  3. Must weigh minimum of 48 lbs.
  4. May use speedway part # 15-15350 or Scat part # 915104420.
  5. May balance rotating assembly.
  6. May add weight to balance.
  7. NO knife edge crank.
  8. Chevy 3.48 stroke.
  9. Harmonic balancer, Minimum 6.75-inch diameter, must be nodular iron OEM style, with Elastomer insert. NO fluid dampers or 1 piece dampers, must be steel.


  1. Factory stock appearing rod.
  2. NO H BEAMS.
  3. May use floated pin.
  4. Scat or Eagle stock replacement I Beam Rods

Pistons – EMOD

  1. Any stock appearing 2 or 4 eyebrow piston, may be cast or forged.
  2. The total minimum weight of piston, bearings, caps, rings, rod and wrist pin = 1194 grams.

Camshaft and Lifters:

  1. 390/410 hydraulic only, Any flat tappet hydraulic lifter allowed. factory firing Order only NO 4/7 swap cams. Timing chain and gear, double roller OK, cam button OK, rear Bearing on cam gear OK. Must maintain 390/410 lift at valve.

Push Rod

  1. May use 100/1000 longer push rods.

Rocker Arms

  1. Stamped steel 1.5 ratio 1.52, 1.6 roller tips, may use speedway part # 287-11801 may run 1.5 or 1.6 roller tip rockers steel only

Oil Pan:

  1. Any


  1. OEM factory open chamber ONLY
  2. Valve size 194/150. NO angle milling of heads.
  3. NO Vortex
  4. NO Cleveland’s
  5. NO closed chamber
  6. NO Angle plug heads
  7. Options
    1. 350 I spec IMCA or Stock Cast Iron 72cc
    2. 72cc minimum
  8. Pinning of studs
  9. Maximum stud diameter 3/8 inch
  10. Screw in studs OK, 3/8 inch
  11. Guide plates OK
  12. Minimum valve stem diameter 11/32, Valve springs maximum diameter 1.260.
  13. Valve length 4.900 inch. 3 angle valve cut OK

Head Gaskets:

  1. Minimum thickness 0.40, NO TOLERANCE!!


  1. Any electronic ignition system MSD or HEI


  1. Any Four Barrel
  2. Engine must be naturally aspirated.
  3. May use one carburetor spacer (1” maximum) and two standard paper gaskets (maximum 0.070-inch-thick), one gasket between intake to spacer and one gasket between spacer to carburetor. Spacer may not protrude into intake in any way.

Fuel System:

  1. Stock type fuel pumps Carter M4891 or equivalent ONLY mounted in stock location. Belt driven pump add 50 lbs. No electric pumps permitted.
  2. Pump gas or racing fuel. E-85 ok.  No Methanol or alcohol.


  1. Any Electronic Ignition System, MSD or HEI.
  2. No magnetos.
  3. NO traction control.


  1. Collector type headers ONLY. NO 180, Zoomies, Tri-Y or merged collector headers.


  1. Stock Type
  2. Bert or Brinn Transmission allowed.


  1. Standard quick change rear end permitted. No Titanium or exotic material axles, spools, gears, or other materials inside rear end.

Engine Position:

  1. 6 ½” from center of ball joint to #1 spark plug, ½” tolerance. 50lb weight penalty for every ½” out of tolerance mounted in front of water pump.


  1. 103” wheelbase minimum, 1” tolerance.
  2. Any Late Model Chassis allowed, Square tube or Round tube. NO aluminum frames, square tube frames must be a minimum of 2”x 2” tubing, round tube must be a minimum of 1 ¾” tubing. Full racing roll cage mandatory, 1 ½ OD x .090 steel tubing minimum. Stock front clip cars allowed with stock 602 engines only.


  1. One working shock per wheel except left rear. NO single adjustable or double adjustable shocks allowed. NO canister style or remote adjustable shocks permitted. NO externally adjustable shocks. NO bump stops or stack springs.
  2. May run 1 of the following rear suspensions, 5th coil or torque link, NOT both. 1 90/10 shock allowed to be mounted top of rear end. $200 per shock claim rule.
  3. Standard Late Model Suspensions only. No Spring loaded or shock type 4 bar rods. Only standard solid bar 4 bar rods. No torsion bar front or rear suspension. Sway bar OK.


  1. NeSmith/Durrance Layne Crate Racin USA body rules apply.
  2. Light tube bracing behind bumpers. NO pipes or push bars in front of bumpers.
  3. Spoiler 8″ maximum height, 8″ maximum width on side pods.
  4. Must have front and rear tow hooks.
  5. All Body Panels Must Be Solid, No Holes, Slots or Air Gaps.

Wheel and Tires:

  1. Any Wheel, 14” maximum width. Bead-lock permitted any position.
  2. Wide 5 wheels and adapters permitted.
  3. Hoosier, Spec 21, HTS 1350, NRM 70, D55, Crate 21
  4. No treating or chemically altering tires, tires (tires are subject to lab testing)
  5. Siping and Needling is allowed


  1. Must have full containment seat.
  2. Must have an approved Head and Neck restraint system.
  3. 25lb Weight break for a 5# Automatic Fire Suppression system.
  4. Must have 5-point harness dated 2014 or newer.
  5. Must wear SFI approved Fire suit, gloves and shoes always while on track.


It is stated in the rules above what you can do to your car. Please consult tech-man for certification only.  If not in writing, no “he said/she said” is acceptable by management. All tech decisions are final and a disqualification means ALL money, prizes, and points are forfeited.

All drivers visiting track for first time must go through PreTech and state their package and weight. Tech-man will inspect, evaluate and make a decision on accepted package and weight. Sticker will be applied to car for post-race with weight. Tech-man will record and compare after each race. If you change your package you must go back through tech to record.

No grinding or defacing of any casting numbers. Any engine parts with missing or altered casting numbers are illegal regardless of the reason.

Tech inspector will weigh and inspect various parts of Top finishing cars every week after heats and features. A competitor may file a protest to further inspect cars and engines.

All Protests must be Submitted to Tech Inspector at Scale Shed within 10 minutes of completion of feature. All Protest must be submitted in writing and have the cash in hand. All Counter Protest must be submitted in writing and with cash in hand with in 10 minutes of original protest.  Track officials and tech inspector reserve the right to inspect and tear-down any car at any time. Management is committed to maintaining a fair and even playing field for all competitors and will consistently be researching and evaluating all facets of tech inspection.

Amendment for C-Class/602 3/13/2019

  • 602’s will weigh 2400 pounds
  • Built Motors with 390/410 lift hydraulic cam with 2101 or 2975 intake will weigh 2500.
  • Any built motor with larger lift cam or any other intake will weigh 2550 with 50 pounds placement in front of the mid plate. Total weight for the engine will be 2550.
  • Any crate motor without factory seals will be considered a built motor and will have to weigh 2550.

Amendment for C-Class/602 – 4-25-2019

  • At this time all driver restrictions have been lifted, and all drivers are welcome to run this class

Amendment for C-Class/602 (08/21/2019)

  1. Hoosier, Spec 21, HTS 1350, NRM 70, D55, Crate 21
  2. No treating or chemically altering tires, tires (tires are subject to lab testing)
  3. Siping and Needling is allowed