All-Tech Raceway C-Class / 602 Late Model Rules

General Rules

  • These rules will apply to all 602 Crate late
  • Head Tech officials’ decision on legality will be
  • All cars are subject to be inspected at any time during
  • All-Tech Raceway reserves the right to confiscate any suspicious parts to determine



  • Base weight is 2400
  • There will be no burn off for qualifying, heat races, or consolation/last chance There will be a 1LB per lap burn off for feature races only.
  • Any attached weight must be securely bolted to the frame/roll cage and have the car number painted/stamped on it.
  • NO lead or ballast of any type may be bolted to rear-end or any suspension


Engine Rules

  • Chevrolet performance 602 sealed crate engine is the only engine allowed to
  • Rebuilds by licensed builders will be allowed but must meet all GM Crate engine


Carburetor Rules

  • Any 4-barrel carb
  • Must be naturally aspirated
  • 1” carb spacer max and two (2) Total thickness of spacer and gaskets may not exceed

1.350 (no tolerances)


Distributor Rules

  • Any electronic ignition system
  • No crank triggers or magnetos


  • If car has a dual pick up distributor/dual boxes only 1 pickup may be Driver must not have the ability to swap coil, pickup, or ignition from the inside of cockpit.
  • NO TRACTION CONTROL Ignition boxes may be confiscated for testing.


Water Pump Rules

  • Cast iron or aluminum stock mount water pump only, no electric water pumps


Exhaust Rules

  • Collector type heads only, 4 tubes into 1 per side
  • No Tri-Y headers, 180 degree headers, or zoomies allowed
  • No square tube headers


Fuel Cell/Fuel/ Fuel Pump Rules

  • Racing fuel cell required and must be securely bolted between frame rails in rear of car
  • Gasoline, racing fuel, andE85 allowed
  • No electric fuel pumps
  • No methanol, alcohol, nitrous oxide, propylene oxide, nitromethane, MTBE, hydrazine, or ethylhexanol. Any fuel tested and found to contain any of the above will be deemed
  • Any fuel with a specific gravity exceeding .744 at 60 degrees will be deemed illegal
  • E85 specific gravity not to exceed .786 at 60 degrees
  • Fuel samples may be taken at any time during the event to be sent to an independent lab for
  • Fuel protest will be $125.00. Any drivers finishing in the top 3 and on the lead, lap may protest the fuel of any driver finishing in the top 3.


Engine Protest Rule

  • Engine Protest will be $1,000 for a complete engine
  • All protest/claim fees must be paid in cash to head technical inspector within ten (10) minutes of completion of the feature event.
  • If protested driver refuses protest, he/she will be disqualified from the event and will lose any points/purse for event.
  • In the case of an engine protest, engine will be torn down and


Engine Setback Rule

  • 6” from center of top ball joint to the #1spark plug (1” tolerance). A 50lb weight penalty will be added for every ½” past tolerance

Body Rules

  • All CRUSA body rules apply


  • 8” inch spoiler and spoiler sides only
  • Deck height is 38” max (1” tolerance) measured in the center of the T-bar, no bent of curved T- bars allowed.
  • May run a head/stone shield on the right side of frame rail
  • Spoiler width is 72” max


Frame Rules

  • All frames must be of steel construction
  • Square/ rectangle frames must be a minimum of 2”x2”



Suspension Rules

  • Standard late model suspension only (4-bar, swingarm, z-link, )
  • No spring loaded or shock type 4 bar rods allowed, rods may be constructed of steel/aluminum and be solid.
  • No torsion bars
  • 1 mechanical traction device (5thcoil, torque link, or pull bar) NOT BOTH
  • 1 90/10 shock allowed horizontally over rear end
  • 1 coil spring per corner of car, except left rear, which may have 2. 1 coil spring for the 5th coil, and 1 coil spring for the 6th coil allowed. Take up springs ok.
  • No stacked springs allowed, any single spring ok
  • LR in front shock (traction shock) allowed
  • Spring rubbers
  • Bump stops or bump spring allowed on RF Packers/shims ok
  • 1 bump stop washer allowed on LR, RR, and LF as a shock saver to prevent rod-end jam nut from

damaging rod guide (1/8” max thickness)



Shock Rules

  • 7 shocks allowed on car (1 LF, 1RF, 1RR, 2 LR, 1-5thcoil, and 1 90/10 over rear end)
  • Shocks can be steel or aluminum
  • Non-adjustable shocks only, no remote reservoirs
  • No thru rod or J-damper shocks No air shocks or no dump shocks allowed.
  • Schrader valves and piercing valves for gas replacement/adjustment
  • Shock claim rule is $250 per shock. You must finish on the lead lap and in the top 3 to claim shocks. Any driver finishing in the top 3 may claim shocks from any car that finishes in top 3. Shock claim does not include springs or coil over kits, it does include anything attached to shock shaft (bump stops, bump springs, shock/extensions)


Wheelbase Rule


  • Minimum wheelbase is 103” (1” tolerance)

Transmission Rule

  • Must have working forward and reverse gears
  • No straight/direct No in and out boxes.
  • No Tex, Jerico, or quick-change transmissions

Brake Rules

  • Steel rotors only
  • No carbon fiber or titanium brake components
  • NO GPS/brake-controlled traction-controlled devices
  • Brake floater


Wheel Rules

  • Any 14” wide steel or aluminum wheels
  • All wheels must be mounted with lug nuts, no knockoffs or center lock wheels
  • Bead locks ok


Tire Rule

  • Hoosier Spec D21 & D55
  • Crate Racin USA 21 & 55
  • Hoosier Spec 1350 & 1600
  • No economy/open tires allowed
  • Grooving & Sipping
  • No chemical/tire treatment
  • Tire protest is $100. Any finishing in the top 3 may protest any tire from any car finishing in the top 3



All competitors at All-Tech Raceway will conduct themselves with an elevated level of professionalism. Any driver exiting their car on the racing surface and confronting, touching, throwing objects at another competitor will be disqualified. All competitors are responsible for their actions as well as the actions of their crew.              up to and including family members (spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, etc.).

Any competitor, crew, or family member that maliciously attacks the racetrack or its officials at any event, physically, or verbally will be disqualified from that event and possibly serve a suspension from future events. All-Tech Raceway is a professional organization with sponsors who invest money in our brand. All competitors and their crew will be required to conduct themselves within the rules set forth above.



  • Approval of a car by inspection shall only mean that any inspected car is approved for participation in a race event, and shall not be construed in any way to mean the inspected car is guaranteed mechanically sound, and staff shall not be liable for any mechanical failure or for any losses, injury or death resulting from (All-Tech Raceway may change any rule at any time) (ALL-TECH RACEWAY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ALTER OR AMEND THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS IN THE INTERESTS OF FAIR COMPETITION, AND CAN’T BE FOUGHT IN THE COURT OF LAW)
  • Profanity in front of race fans, officials, management, profane signs or writing on or in cars, etc. will not be tolerated and may subject the offending party to disqualification, suspension, fine, or other penalties. (UNSPORTSMAN LIKE CODUCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED) Fighting will NOT BE


*The winner can back protest if protested by 2nd place finisher.


  • Track officials may require an inspection of any vehicle at any time. Vehicles placing in the first three or five positions (depending on event) must present themselves at the inspection station immediately after the conclusion of the feature race for such inspection and must not work on the car in any fashion until told to do so by a technical official.
  • A competitor must take whatever steps are required, including a complete tear down of the car for inspection when requested by track officials to facilitate inspection of the car. Failure to present a car for inspection when requested to do so, or refusal to take steps requested by track official will be considered an admission of guilt and will be grounds for DQ *Any one declared illegal or DQED by a tech official will lose all winnings for the night, plus all points accumulated prior to the time of the infraction
  • If it’s not stated in the rules it doesn’t mean its Please consult with the tech-man for approval. If your car does not fit any rules package, then you don’t race.
  • ANY KIND OF TIRE ALTERING CHEMICALS ARE NOT (Any of such substance will result in immediate disqualification and a 1year suspension.
  • Drivers may change cars at any time between qualifying/heats/b-main and start of the main event at the discretion of the race However, any change will result in the driver starting in the rear of their heat/b-main, or feature. It’s the driver’s responsibility to notify the series of a change.
  • All cars must go through tech before it races
  • Any driver that gets out of their car on the track is Unless on fire or is upside down or told to do so by track official.
  • Cars must keep a safe speed in the pits
  • Track officials reserve the right to change any car number at anytime
  • No electronic enhancing devices allowed
  • Racing Helmet with minimum Snell SA2005 Rating
  • Fire resistant shoes must be worn


  • 5 point quick release, up to date seatbelts are (Safety director has the right to not let you race if any safety infractions are not taken care of)
  • No icing or cooling of fuel
  • all lead weights must be securely fastened
  • no driver adjustments other than brakes
  • A working 2lbs fire suppression system or driver accessible fire extinguisher is required
  • Full drivers suit, approved gloves, and seat belts must be approved by track
  • Batteries must be securely fastened and mounted outside of driver’s compartment
  • Drivers meeting is mandatory
  • The feature event will have a burn off 1 pound for every lap scheduled in the
  • In event of either a caution or a red flag after the first green flag drops any car that goes into the pits will rejoin the field at the rear
  • Field lineup will revert to the last completed and scored lap order after red or yellow flag
  • When the leader crosses the line, the lap is complete
  • Lapped cars will be placed at the tail end of the lineup
  • Any car that causes a yellow two times will have his score card removed and sent to the pits (heat/b-main/feature)
  • Race Director reserves the right to conclude a race at any Race director has the right to invoke time limits for all events at any time.
  • No radios or cell phones in
  • No tape sticks or light sticks If used or presented driver will be DQED
  • Any driver who does not obey the flagman’s ruling may be DQED
  • Drawing determines your starting position for qualifying, or Heats
  • No one will be allowed to work on their car on the track, track officials If crew member goes onto racetrack during any event the car will be DQED.
  • A driver will be sent to the rear of the event if he changes an engine during an event. After the car has been teched *For a two day show if a driver makes a race the first night of a two-night show and request to change an engine and they win the feature the next night both engines will be teched after the race. Driver must get permission before he or she changes any engine.